Allowash XG® Tissue Sterilisation

Allowash XG® Tissue Sterilisation


Allowash XG® is a patented and proprietary sterilisation process that removes greater than 99% of bone marrow and blood elements from the internal bone matrix. Allowash XG renders allograft implants sterile without compromising their biomechanical or biochemical properties.

  • Donor tissue goes through a stringent screening routine and is recovered in strict aseptic conditions.

  • Allograft implants then go through serological testing to further control and eliminate incoming bioburden.

  • The allograft implants are processed and preserved in facilities that maintain cleanliness levels that minimise or eliminate environmentally induced graft contamination.

  • Allograft implants are cleaned with key solutions that are forced into and through the bone matrix and then directed to waste, resulting in the lysis of cells and cleaning of the tissues.

  • The decontamination, disinfection and cleaning regimens for the allograft implants remove and eliminate viruses and bacteria.

  • The final step is sterilisation with a controlled and validated dose of gamma irradiation administered at low temperatures after the allograft implants is packaged.

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