BioAdapt™ Foam

BioAdapt™ DBM Foam

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BioAdapt™ Foam is a sterile, room temperature DBM implant that provides a contoured fit to the bony defect.

Comprised of human musculoskeletal tissue, BioAdapt™ Foam comes in five pre-shaped configurations and expands with hydration.

This bone void filler can be used in conjunction with autograft or allograft as a bone graft extender.

  • Sterilised SAL 10-6 via both the BioCleanse and Cancelle SP sterilisation methods

  • 70% DBM by weight

  • Water insoluble

  • Hydration options include sterile water, saline, blood, BMA, or PRP to expand implant and achieve contoured fit; can be rehydrated multiple times

  • Open matrix allows for bone ingrowth, as well as exposure of a full range of proteins known to induce the signal for bone formation


Bioadapt Overview Brochure (3511kb)

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