Whilst all of our staff contribute in their own way to their own personal environments, ranging from mentoring others, charity work, sports development and environmental awareness; Hospital Innovations as a Company also strives to make a positive and long lasting contribution to the lives of those around us. 

Through the work of our Managing Director, Phil Davies, Hospital Innovations have become involved in a number of important initiatives. Phil, himself a Fellow of Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) supports both the business and sports science departments of the university. Activities have included offering internships to MBA students, guest lectures and financial sponsorship.

We are striving to be as environmentally efficient as possible and through our office based staff have instigated a number of initiatives to allow us to be as environmentally friendly as possible within the modern office working environment.  

Phil Davies; “We are a small caring Company which on numerous occasions has put the interest of others at the forefront of our day to day activities”.


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