Cortical or Cancellous Particulate

Cortical or Cancellous Particulate

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Allograft bone particulate is used in various clinical applications in order to provide an osteoconductive scaffold for bone ingrowth and rapid remodelling with the patient’s own bone. The particulate is available demineralised or partially demineralised; and in a range of different grind sizes and volumes to provide maximum surgical flexibility. 

  • Sterilised SAL 10-6

  • Osteoconductive: provides a natural, osteoconductive scaffold for cellular attachment, proliferation and vascular ingrowth

  • Hydrophilic: absorbs and retains bioactive fluids like blood, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Bone Marrow Aspirate (BMA)

  • Osteoinductive potential: demineralized with PAD™ technology that preserves naturally occurring growth factors 

  • Compatible: allows physician to supplement with additional graft material

Cancellous Particulate(mineralised) (633kb)
Cortical Particulate(mineralised) (92kb)
Cortical Particulate (demineralised) (1170kb)
Large Particulate (demineralised) (158kb)

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