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Hyalomatrix® is a bilayered, sterile, flexible, and conformable wound dressing that acts as an advanced wound care device. One layer is comprised of a non-woven pad made entirely of HYAFF® which provides a three dimensional scaffold for cellular invasion and capillary growth. The other layer is a semi-permeable silicone membrane, which controls water vapour loss, provides a flexible covering for the wound surface, and adds increased tear strength to the device. 

  • Sterilised SAL 10-6

  • Ready-to-use: off the shelf storage

  • Available in four different sizes

  • Designed for single-use: each application lasts 15-21 days

  • Provides an immediate protective coverage for the wound

  • HYAFF® fibres release HA in a control-led manner

  • Acts as a scaffold for cellular invasion and capillary growth

Hyalomatrix (687kb)

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