A Testimonial From an Eight-Week Intern, Will

Wills Testimonial

My intern experience

Having applied to many companies around the UK in an effort to gain work experience, I was offered a summer internship in the marketing department of Hospital Innovations UK. Before starting the internship, I knew a little about the company and I was looking forward to gaining a greater insight over the course of the summer.

During my first week, I was handed the task of updating the Allograft Competition Report which seemed quite daunting at the time. This project was incredibly beneficial and allowed me to gain a level of commercial awareness I did not have prior to my internship. It was a fantastic project and one that I finished in the second last week of my placement. It was rewarding to see all the hard work coming together to create a 300+ page report.

Improving my presentation skills has been a challenge I have been working on for some time and I was pleased and excited I was given many opportunities to present at Hospital Innovations UK. I have previously presented at a model UN conference and in lectures at university; however I had not presented in a professional workplace. It has really made me aware of what I must improve to become a better public speaker and the difference between presenting in a business environment, and a university environment.

Throughout the eight weeks I worked at Hospital Innovations UK I was given many analytical projects to do. As my university course is business analytics orientated, this was where I felt I could really get my teeth into. One of the projects was analysing the online traffic entering the company website. This was a really good experience and it gave me an opportunity to put what I had learnt from my studies into practice.

One part of my internship I particularly enjoyed was being involved in filming an allograft handling video. We spent close to six hours preparing and filming for the video and it was unlike anything I had experienced before.

As soon as I started I was made to feel part of the company. The most important thing for me was feeling like I was adding value and that the company was benefitting from the work I was doing. I have gained a lot of confidence from this experience and I have improved many professional skills; skills I am looking forward to using in my future studies and career.

Hospital Innovations UK is a great example of how to run a successful business. It is a highly driven and dynamic firm with extremely hard-working and motivated staff. I have learnt and gained a great deal during my internship and I am certain that this experience will help my future employability and career ambitions.

Thank you Will, it was a pleasure to have you working with us and we are thrilled you felt that the eight weeks you spent with us were fulfilling, enjoyable and most importantly useful! 

Good luck for all future endeavours, and we wish you every success at University.


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