Raising awareness of burn prevention and burn-related first aid

Latest statistics show hot drinks responsible for majority of daily burns among UK children.

Today, on National Burn Awareness Day 2017, latest statistics show alarming numbers of UK children are experiencing life-changing scald injuries as a result of tea and coffee spills every single day, the vast majority of which are preventable. Hospital Innovations is helping to raise awareness of this on National Burn Awareness Day.

The Children’s Burns Trust, together with the British Burn Association, have released exclusive insight from the International Burn Injury Database to raise awareness of burn prevention and burn-related first aid on National Burn Awareness Day 2017. The latest figures, released by the two leading organisations in burn prevention and support, show that in 2016 more than 3000 children required admission to an NHS Burns Service following an accident with tea and coffee cups, as well as kettles. That’s more than 250 children every single month. The Children’s Burns Trust, whose work is focused on children and their families, want to highlight these alarming figures which, shockingly only relate to the more serious injuries and do not include the thousands who were seen for more minor burns and scalds in A&E departments up and down the country. The charity’s key message on National Burn Awareness Day 2017 is that prevention and good first aid are key to reducing the number of burns and scalds occurring among children in the UK every single day. The leading charity also has the support of actor Amanda Redman MBE.

Amanda, Patron of the Children’s Burns Trust, said:
“I will be supporting National Burn Awareness Day on the 18th October 2017. I know firsthand the impact a burn injury can have on a child and their family. As a small child, I pulled a pot of boiling soup over myself and received severe burns over my entire body. While my injury and resulting scar on my left arm didn’t stop me achieving my ambition to be an actor, I know from personal experience how a burn injury can have long-lasting effects.”

Crucially, there are simple steps we can all take to reduce the chance of us or our families suffering from burns and scalds. I want to thank the Children’s Burns Trust and the British Burn Association for their work to raise awareness of the all-important message of prevention.”

Hundreds of NHS Services, Fire and Rescue Services, along with other organisations, come together each year on National Burn Awareness Day to raise awareness of the alarming number of people burned each and every day in the UK. The campaign also helps to promote the vital message of the importance of good first aid if a burn or scald does occur.

All statistics provided by the International Burn Injury Database (iBID) www.cbtrust.org.uk/burnprevention/database


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