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Optium® DBM

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Optium® DBM is a Demineralised Bone Matrix (DBM) with consistent handling properties and proven clinical results for any bone filling application.

LifeNet Health’s proprietary processing technologies (Allowash XG® and PAD®) sterilise the allograft to a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6 and ensure effective demineralisation to 1-4% residual calcium; proven to provide the most powerful osteoinductive potential1,2,3.

Optium® DBM is available, ready for use in Gel or Putty formulations and in a range of volumes to accommodate a variety of clinical indications.



1. Herold RW et al. The effects of varying degrees of allograft decalcification on cultured porcine osteoclast cells. J. Periodontal. 2002 Feb; 73:213-9.

2. Turonis Jw et al. The affects of residual calcium in decalcified freeze-dried bone allograft in a critical sized defect in the Rattus norvegicus calvarium. J Oral Implantol. 2006;32:55-62

3. Zhang M et al. Effect(s) of the demineralisation process on the osteoinductivity of demineralised bone matrix. J Periodontal 1997;68:1085-1092

  • Osteoinductive Potential:  Optium® DBM is demineralised using LifeNet Health's patented and proprietary PAD® process.  This process carefully exposes natural growth factors trapped within cortical bone while maintaining its inherent osteoinductive potential
  • PAD® technology produces residual calcium levels of 1%-4%; levels scientifically proven to provide the optimal osteoinductive potential in demineralised bone (DBM)1, 2, 3
  • Osteoconductive:  Particulate size range provides packing geometry and porosity to encourage cellular attachment
  • Sterile: Optium® DBM is sterilised using Allowash XG® technology providing a sterility assurance level (SAL) of  10-6 without compromising the graft’s inherent osteoconductive or osteoinductive potential
  • Ready to Use
  • Multiple Sizing Options
Optium DBM Gel (129kb)
Optium DBM Putty (150kb)

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