Small Bone Instruments

Small Bone Instruments

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Joint, Calcaneal, Small Bone Compressor/Distractor

The Joint, Calcaneal, Small Bone Compressor/Distractor has a selection lever which switches the mechanism from compression to distraction. After selection, you only have to squeeze the handle one more time to engage the mechanism. 




O'Brian Osteotomy Guide

  • Designed for chevron bunionectomies
  • Guide clamps directly onto bone while helping to retract the EHL tendon
  • K-wire fixation is not required, although a guide pin may be inserted at apex

Stanton Bent Pin Extractor

  • Designed to tightly grasp bent pins and apply torque to help remove fixation pins
  • T handle will allow for a strong grasp and pull during removal
  • Will grasp pins up to 2 mm

Shereff Ankle Distractor

  • Facilitates arthroscopy of the ankle with non-invasive distraction
  • Ankle strap also available




Innomed 2014 Catalogue (24376kb)

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