U2 Knee™ system

U2 Knee™ system

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The U2 Knee™ is a versatile, innovative total knee platform offering cruciate retaining, ultra-congruent and posterior stabilised knee implant options. First implanted in 2005 the U2 Knee™ has demonstrated 97.6% survivorship at up to 7 years follow-up1.



1. Ferro, T. D. (2014). Seven Year Study on Patient Outcomes and Experiences Using TKAs from Asian Manufacturers. July 16-19, 2014, Hawaii, USA. The 2nd Annual Pan Pacific Orthopaedic Congress, International Congress for Joint Reconstruction.

The U2 Knee™ system is a modern generation knee designed for today’s active patient population. The knee incorporates rotational freedom principles so as to avoid soft tissue conflict and polyethylene impingement seen in other contemporary knee designs1. A bone preserving PS box accommodates varying femoral anatomies.  To suit the active patient population the U2 Knee™ also allows upto 155o of safe high flexion, without additional posterior condylar bone resection, reducing the risk of loosening reported with traditional high-flex components2.

Building on a modern implant philosophy, the U2 Knee™ incorporates a versatile and streamlined instrument platform, which fits into four boxes, and accommodates both CR and PS knee implantation. The platform also incorporates a unique, patent pending, all in one femoral sizer, rotation and resection jig that enables the surgeon to adjust implant positioning to suit individual patient anatomies.



1. Mikulak, S. A. et al. (2001). Loosening and Osteolysis with the Press-fit Condylar Posterior-cruciate-substituting Total Knee Replacement. The American Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 83-A(3): 398-403.
2. Bollars, P. et al. (2011). Femoral Component Loosening in High-Flexion Total Knee Replacement: An in vitro Comparison of High-Flexion Versus Conventional Designs. The American Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. 93(10): 1355-1361.
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