BioAdapt®DBM Sponge Allograft - Hospital Innovations


BioAdapt® is a pre-formed, malleable demineralised bone matrix (DBM) foam, allowing for a contoured fit in irregular shaped bony defects.

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BioAdapt® provides an open matrix to allow bony ingrowth as well as exposure to a full range of proteins known to promote bone formation. Following its rehydration, BioAdapt® will exhibit cohesive yet flexible handling properties; allowing optimal and precise placement.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Proven osteoinductive potential throughout entire shelf life;
  • Absorbs more than 5x its dry weight in fluid;
  • Retains hydrating fluid at the site;
  • Expands with hydration to provide a contoured fit to the defect;
  • Multiple hydration options;
  • Flexible and malleable, easy to cut and shape;
  • Available in a variety of pre-shaped options.


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