Human Cryopreserved Skin

Human cryopreserved skin is typically used as a temporary dressing of epithelial surface defects such as burns and other dermal denudations.

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Human Cryopreserved Skin

Human cryopreserved skin is composed of an extracellular matrix containing frozen fibroblasts and keratinocytes. Human cryopreserved skin can be used in cases of large total body surface area burns, whereby there is not enough of the patient’s own skin to harvest.

  • Acts as a biological barrier;
    – aiding in thermoregulation by regulating water and protein loss;
    – protecting against environmental bacteria or fungal contaminants.
  • Available unmeshed and pre-meshed in various ratios;
  • Lengthy 5-year shelf life;
  • Available in a range of sizes available to reduce wastage and improve efficacy;
  • Can be used in cosmetic reconstruction following acute traumatic skin loss.


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