LIGAFIX® is a bioabsorbable interference screw made from the unique Duosorb® material.

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LIGAFIX® Bioabsorbable Interference Screw

LIGAFIX® is designed to address the issues of osteointegration, poor resorption and inflammation seen in current resorbable interference screws. LIGAFIX® is the only bioabsorbable screw available with as much as 60% β-TCP. Duosorb® is a biocomposite material composed of β-TCP and Poly DL Lactic Acid (PDLA); providing an osteoconductive, resorbable and bioactive material with excellent mechanical resistance.

  • β-TCP increases cellular proliferation through osteoconduction, leading to enhanced bone healing and improved osteointegration;
  • Available in two configurations; LIGAFIX® 60 for non-bone grafts and LIGAFIX® 30 for BTB grafts;
  • Reliable, timely resorption over 2-3 years;
  • Degradation of β-TCP releases basic salts; these neutralise the acidic pH caused by the hydrolysis of PDLA, designed to eliminate the risk of inflammatory reactions.


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