Whole and Hemi Shafts

Whole and hemi allograft bone shafts are designed to provide immediate structural support to restore segmental bone loss.

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Whole and Hemi Shafts

Whole and hemi shafts consist of dense cancellous bone and a cortical plate to provide immediate structural support. Shafts are composed of 100% allograft bone, creating a natural osteoconductive bone matrix that facilitates cell attachment, proliferation and bone remodelling.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Pre-sized for use in multiple applications;
  • Hemi shafts are derived from the femur and provided in a range of lengths;
  • Whole shafts come from a variety of long bones and are provided in multiple lengths;
  • Available frozen, freeze-dried and utilising Preservon® technology.


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