Advances in Peripheral Nerve Surgery

A Cadaveric Masterclass


Case based discussions will allow exploration of advanced reconstruction strategies and the practical cadaveric workshops are designed to develop familiarity with infrequent surgical approaches, revision nerve decompression surgery, connector assisted nerve repair, nerve allograft, nerve transfer and surgical management of the post-traumatic neuroma.




Day 1:  Evening Programme

17:30  Registration, welcome and introductions
18:00  Current concepts in nerve injury and repair
18:15  Advances in nerve repair and reconstruction
18:30  Case based Discussions: 5 x 15 minutes (5 groups of 4 with faculty facilitator)

Day 2:  Cadaveric Workshop

07:45  Registration
08:15  Welcome and introduction + safety briefing
Session 1
08:30  Workshop 1:  Tensegrity in peripheral nerves
09:45  Workshop 2:  Guyon’s canal decompression
10:00  Workshop 3:  Median nerve allograft
10:30  Coffee and review trade stands
Session 2
11:00  Workshop 4:  AIN to deep ulna nerve transfer
11:30  Workshop 5:  Proximal median decompression
12:00  Workshop 6:  Median to radial nerve transfers
12:45  Workshop 7:  Supinator to PIN transfer
13:00  Lunch and trade stands
Session 3
14:00  Workshop 8:  Oberlin 1 and 2 nerve transfers
14:45  Workshop 9:  Cubital release and medial epicondylectomy
15:15  Workshop 10:  AxoGuard nerve wrap of ulnar nerve
15:30  Coffee and review trade stands
Session 4
16:00  Workshop 11:  Radial to axillary nerve transfer 
17:00  Feedback, certificates and close

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