COVID-19 Matters - Hospital Innovations

COVID-19 Matters

COVID-19 Matters

Business Continuity

Hospital Innovations is taking a number of measures to protect our employees; and ensure we will be able to continue supporting our customers to the high standard they expect from us.

Our commitment to our people

We have liaised extensively with our workforce, to implement practices to minimise the risk of infection to both themselves and others. We have put in place preventative measures which have been recommended by both the World Health Organisation and Government in relation to social distancing and effective hygiene measures. We have also implemented a restriction on travel for all staff; and have implemented a Work from Home Policy where applicable and possible.

Our commitment to our customers

We are monitoring the situation very closely; and have been implementing robust measures to ensure that any impact of the pandemic on our supply chains will be minimised. We are sharing experience with our Suppliers; and coordinating extensively to ensure compliance with respective government measures. Combining these actions with unique local knowledge and expertise, so to uphold operations essential for customers in this difficult situation; while ensuring the welfare and health of our staff.

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