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Unicortical Bone Dowels provide a pre-shaped allograft option for bony deficiencies and an easy solution to fill tunnels in ACL revision procedures. Unicortical Bone Dowels are comprised of dense cancellous bone and a cortical wall with a fully-cannulated centre for ease of implantation. These are available in a loan kit or for purchase and are sterilised via the patented BioCleanse® Tissue Sterilisation Process. This inactivates or removes potential pathogens while maintaining the tissue’s biomechanical properties. Our Bone Dowels are also available with additional Bone Tamps, to aid with ease of implantation.

Technical Specifications;

  • Diameter: 8-18 mm (2mm increments)

  • Length: 15-35mm

  • Sterilised SAL 10-6

  • Cancellous bone allows for bony ingrowth for incorporation

  • One-sded cortical surface for implant structural support

  • Fully-cannulated centre for ease of graft implantation and placement

  • Pre-shape provides smooth interface with tunnel walls

  • Machine sized diameters achieves friction fit

  • Freeze-dried for easy storage


Unicortical Bone Dowel Overview (783kb)

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