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Allograft Skin Available

Allograft Skin Available

Hospital Innovations is filling the Allograft Skin Void

As highlighted in BBC Three’s documentary “The Human Tissue Squad”, there is a considerable demand for human allograft skin; which is in limited supply. Hospital Innovations is filling the void by providing both cryopreserved allograft skin as well as hyaluronic acid advanced wound care solutions.

Ideal for temporary coverage of epithelial defects such as burns and dermal denudations, our cryopreserved human allograft skin is available in a range of sizes, in both meshed and unmeshed forms. Our flexible five day return service also allows customers to return allografts to our Human Tissue Authority licensed premises, where we will manage and store the allograft free of charge in our state of the art freezers until required. This initiative has already helped the NHS to save in excess of £1.7 million.

Our hyaluronic acid based products can be used to treat burns and chronic wounds including venous leg ulcers, diabetic ulcers and wounds that are prone to bleeding. These bioactive dressings are capable of absorbing wound exudate whilst stimulating the formation of granulation tissue. This provides the wound with immediate local protection and a hyaluronic acid enriched environment in which to support the healing process. Our hyaluronic acid dressings also aid autolytic debridement of the wound and allow for non-traumatic dressing removal, thus not damaging newly formed tissue.

Products are available in a range of weights and dimensions to facilitate clinical demands.