Daihan Dual Compressor -95°C freezers installed at Hospital Innovations

Daihan Dual Compressor -95C freezers installed at Hospital Innovations

Hospital Innovations is very proud to announce it is the first business in the UK to have Daihan Dual Compressor freezers installed. These state of the art freezers contain their own built-in back-up generators, providing additional protection against the unlikely event of freezer failure.

The freezers have LCD touch screens that offer data storage and extraction via a USB connection; our ability to continuously monitor freezer performance; and ensure a low temperature is maintained, guarantees our safe and compliant storage of allograft tissue.

Finally, the freezers large interior capacity give us the ability to hold more tissue and meet the needs of more customers; both in terms of allograft supply and storage on behalf of hospitals.

Hospital Innovations, as the fastest growing bone bank in the UK, prides itself on excellence in customer service. The addition of these freezers will enable us to support more customers; and help to preserve the precious gift of donation, that is allograft.