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Allograft Iliac Crest Wedges

Allograft iliac crest wedges are a great option for when performing a Latarjet procedure on those patients with anterior shoulder instability due to significant bone loss.

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Iliac Crest Wedges

Iliac crest wedges include a tri-cortical outer plater to provide immediate structural support and a dense cancellous body. Iliac crest wedges are precisely shaped to pre-determined sizes, providing the surgeon with a choice of dimensions to suit the procedure. Wedges are available freeze-dried, frozen or preserved via our unique Preservon® technology; providing the off-the-shelf storage benefits of freeze-dried with the handling benefits of a frozen graft.

  • 100% allograft;
  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Precisely shaped in multiple dimensions;
  • Functions as a natural biologic scaffold, allowing for complete incorporation over time;
  • Remodels with the patient’s own bone;
  • Size can be customised intraoperatively;
  • Ideal for anterior shoulder stabilisation procedures (Latarjet);
  • Available frozen, freeze-dried or utilising Preservon® technology.


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