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BIO 1® Synthetic Bone Substitute

BIO 1® implants are composed entirely of Biosorb®, a high-purity tricalcium phosphate that is perfectly tolerated by the human body.

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BIO 1® Synthetic Bone Substitute

BIO 1®  Synthetic Bone Substitute can be used for any bone void filling. The BIO 1® range of implants do not contain any organic phase, thus eliminating the risk of viral contamination of human or animal origin.

  • Composed of Biosorb®; a high-purity tricalcium phosphate;
  • Osteoconductive properties for improved graft integration within the bone tissue;
  • Ranging porosity levels offer mechanical strength similar to that of compressed cortical bone;
  • Available in multiple volumes and sizes of granules, macro-porous cubes, sticks, cubes, blocks, cylinders and implants for ankle arthrodesis, metatarsian osteotomy, patellar and trephine hole filling.


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