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Allograft Bone Dowels

Allograft bone dowels are a tapered and fully cannulated for solution for backfilling femoral and tibial tunnels in revision ACL procedures.

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Allograft Revision Bone Dowels

Allograft revision bone dowels are composed of dense cancellous bone and a single cortical wall with a fully cannulated centre. Bone dowels include a graduated tapered cancellous end for ease of engagement into the femoral and tibial tunnel during revision ACL procedures. Bone dowels are also available as part of a loan kit; including a range of dowel sizes and the optional inclusion of cannulated bone tamps, to help with ease of insertion.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Cancellous bone allows for bony ingrowth and incorporation;
  • One-sided cortical surface for structural support during impaction;
  • Fully cannulated centre for ease of graft implantation;
  • Tapered cancellous tip;
  • Pre-shaped to provide a smooth interface with tunnel walls;
  • Machine sized diameters achieve friction fit;
  • Available as part of a loan kit;
  • Available frozen, freeze-dried or utilising Preservon® technology.

Technical Specifications

  • Diameter: 8-18 mm;
  • Length: 26-40mm;
  • Taper: 2.5mm (8, 9, 10, 11 & 12mm); 3.5mm (14, 16 & 18mm)


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