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Cortical Plate

The cortical plate functions as a stable, slowly resorbed material that can be used as a substitute for autologous bone recovered from the mandibular shelf.

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Cortical Plate

Cortical plate allograft is often used in procedures that utilise the shell technique. The shell technique involves securing a thin plate of cortical bone to the host site to create a biological container that maintains the necessary space required for bone graft particulates to be implanted. Cortical plate allograft has the added benefit of being readily available; eliminating the need to create a second surgical site in order to harvest the patient’s own cortical bone.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Composed of 100% cortical bone;
  • Ambient temperature storage with unique Preservon® technology;
  • Eliminate need to harvest bone from the patient;
  • Lengthy five year shelf life;
  • National bone matrix to promote cell attachment and bone healing.


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