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Costal Cartilage

Costal cartilage allograft is composed of 100% hyaline cartilage and is typically used for nasal and ear reconstruction procedures.

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Costal Cartilage Allograft

Costal cartilage allograft is able to provide biomechanical strength and is easy to trim to perfectly fit the surgical need. Harvested from donors below the age of 40 years, grafts are of a very high quality and are considered an excellent option for cases that require additional graft in order to complete the correction.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Frozen and Saline options;
  • 100% hyaline cartilage;
  • Harvested only from donors ≤40 years old;
  • Two distinct sizes for added convenience;
  • Easy to trim and shape.



Onur Gilleard from New You Harley Street talks about his experience using our costal cartilage and why its an important part of his practice.


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