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CupX - Acetabular Cup Extraction System

CupX, our acetabular cup extraction system is designed to quickly and precisely remove an acetabular cup with minimal loss of bone.

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CupX - Acetabular Cup Extraction System

All blades are coated with ultra-hard titanium nitride which makes CupX both effective in performance as well as economical. In order to accommodate surgeon preference there are two variations of handle style available, fixed handle or a wrench driven handle. The wrench driven handles allow improved torque without having to change positions.

  • Interchangeable steel heads 22mm – 60mm;
  • Titanium nitrade blades 42mm – 80mm (2mm increments);
  • Available as a free of charge trial.

Ultra-hard titanium nitride coated blades;

  • Extends blade life;
  • Prolongs sharpness;
  • Prevents galling;
  • Chemical and corrosion resistant;
  • Reduces friction.


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