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Demineralised Large Particulate

Demineralised large particulate is a course ground allograft bone void filler that has been subject to an advanced method of processing to promote rapid bone healing.

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Demineralised Large Particulate

Demineralised large particulate is course ground bone used as a void filler in a variety of dental procedures. These particular grafts have been subject to a process called ‘demineralisation’ which reduces the amount of calcium within the bone graft. This is achieved using the technologically advanced PAD® process, which targets an optimal residual calcium level of 1-4%; unearthing essential proteins trapped within the bone matrix and improving bone healing potential.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Processed from cortical bone;
  • Optimally demineralised and improved osteoinductivity through the PAD® process;
  • Ambient temperature storage for ease of use;
  • Course grind size for larger bone voids;
  • Lengthy three year shelf life;
  • Available as cortical or cancellous bone;
  • Available in multiple volumes for added convenience.


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