DermACELL - Breast reconstruction - Hospital Innovations

DermACELL - Breast reconstruction

DermACELL - Breast Reconstruction

DermACELL is a technologically advanced human acellular dermal matrix that is decellularised using Matracell®, a proprietary and validated processing technology. Matracell® removes a minimum of 97% of donor DNA, allowing for rapid cellular infiltration and vascularisation. Dermacell is terminally sterilised and ready for use without refrigeration or re-hydration.

DermACELL is now available in a 2:1 mesh ratio allowing for maximum tissue expansion and allowing a 10cm x 20cm graft to expand to a minimum of 18cm x 20cm therefore making it a great option for pre and sub pectoral procedures.

Biohospitable: Cells and ≥ 97% DNA removed to minimise any adverse patient response

Intact Acellular Framework: Retains native growth factors, collagen and elastin

Room Temperature Storage: Ready to use out of the package via Preservon® technology

Strength: Pull-out strength and load to failure are comparable to existing allograft products

Sterile: Sterilised to a Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, medical device-grade sterility



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