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DermACELL® is a technologically advanced human acellular dermal matrix with multiple uses; as an implant hammock during post mastectomy breast reconstructive procedures and for chronic wound based applications.

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DermACELL® is decellularised using proprietary Matracell® technology that removes ≥97% of donor DNA without compromising the biomechanical or biochemical properties of the graft; and allows for rapid cellular infiltration and revascularisation. DermACELL® is ready to use out of the package and is stored at room temperature eliminating the need for refrigeration or rehydration.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • ≥97% of DNA are removed to ensure biocompatibility;
  • Pre-hydrated, ambient temperature storage for added convenience;
  • Pull-out strength and load to failure comparable to native dermis;
  • Facilitates cell proliferation and migration; critical for wound management;
  • Retains native growth factors, collagen and elastin;
  • Can be used over exposed tendon, bone, joint capsule and muscle;
  • Available both meshed and un-meshed, in varying sizes and thicknesses.


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DermACELL: a novel and biocompatible acellular dermal matrixin tissue expander and implant-based breast reconstruction.
Bullocks (2014)
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