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Fine Osteotomy™

A patient specific problem requires a precise, step-by-step patient specific solution. Bodycad's Fine Osteotomy™ offers a new level of precision and personalisation in osteotomy planning and execution

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Fine Osteotomy™

The Success of an Osteotomy Depends On:


  • High-quality imaging;
  • Precise preoperative analysis;
  • Patient-specific planning;
  • Safe surgical technique;
  • Biology of osteotomy healing;
  • Well-positioned plate.

Bodycad’s technologically advanced proprietary CAD/CAM software allows surgeons to see a complete digital model of the surgical procedure and outcomes. 3D-printed patient specific surgical guides control the depth and orientation of the resections, ensuring protection of the posterior neurovascular structures of the knee and maintaining a more predictable and accurate osteotomy that respects the hinge axis. The unique, patient specific plate is anatomically adapted to the patient’s situation with a wedge that matches the angular correction chosen by the treating surgeon, ensuring that the planned correction is not compromised. Fine Osteotomy™ offers precision, personalisation and reproducibility.


Unique Drill-stop Technology

Putting safety at the forefront of osteotomy

The Fine Osteotomy™ system uses proprietary drill-stop technology to perform the osteotomy cut instead of a traditional sawblade technique.

The unique drill-stop technology allows for a pre-determined and precise osteotomy cut every time; preserving the hinge axis and protecting the neurovascular structures behind the knee.

Click the image below to watch a demonstration of the Fine Osteotomy drill-stop technology.


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