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Fortiva® 1.5mm - Porcine Dermis

Fortiva® 1.5mm - Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Fortiva® 1.5mm is a non-crosslinked acellular porcine dermal matrix designed specifically for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction.  Fortiva® 1.5mm offers a safe and natural biological option that is ready-to-use.  Fortiva® 1.5mm offers consistent, superior and long lasting strength making it the best choice for Abdominal Wall Reconstruction and Hernia Repair.


  • Sterilised through the Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilisation Process
  • Temperature indicator for quick indication of proper storage


  • Stronger than other leading Biological Dermal Matrices
  • Ready to use: From package to patient, requires no rinsing or rehydration
  • Consistent thickness for uniform repair
  • Perforated option gives the ability to reduce risk of seroma and infection and therefore leading to reduced patient morbidity
  • Perforated Acellular Dermal Matrices have significant advantage in cellular invasion.
  • Wide range of sizes including 35x35cm
  • Rounded corners for ease of suturing
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