Fresh Osteochondral Graft

Fresh osteochondral graft allows for the resurfacing of large cartilage defects (>2cm2) with mature hyaline cartilage and healthy subchondral bone in a single procedure.

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Fresh Osteochondral Graft

Fresh osteochondral graft implantation is considered a good option for patients with varying sizes of articular damage. Fresh-storage in a specific nutrient media removes the risk of the graft exhibiting diminished cell viability and matrix degeneration due to freezing. Graft suitability is determined via multiple microbial cultures used to detect potential contamination. Fresh osteochondral grafts contain viable chondrocytes as a result of strict recovery and processing; and are patient matched using relevant MRI and X-Ray scans. All fresh osteochondral grafts are 100% allograft and over time, will incorporate to become part of the patient’s own tissue.

  • Fresh-stored;
  • Validated packaging shelf life of 45 days;
  • Graft suitability determined via multiple microbial cultures;
  • Graft matching to patient size with magnification markers via X-rays and MRIs;
  • Fresh OC grafts are cleaned, aseptically processed in an ISO Class 5 clean room and preserved to maintain chondrocyte viability;
  • Eight culture points are taken which reduce microbial contamination;
  • Validated shipping configuration maintains optimal refrigerated temperature for chondrocyte viability;
  • Multiple condyles available.


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