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Fromm - Femur and Tibia Triangles

Fromm triangles are used for femur and tibia positioning during nailing, repairs and fractures.

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Fromm - Femur and Tibia Triangles

Our Fromm triangles are extremely popular for lower limb positioning. Designed to optimally position and hold the femur and tibia during a number of different procedures; intramedullary nailing of the tibia, retrograde femoral nailing, ligament repairs and extremity fractures. Allows knee to be flexed greater than 90° for reaming and nail insertion without displacing the fracture. The triangles include an autoclavable silicone cushion pad to ensure patient safety and comfort as well as Velcro® straps. Fromm triangles are radiolucent and steam or gas sterilisable.

  • Height options of 8.5”, 11”, 14” and 16” to accommodate a range of procedures;
  • Radiolucent material enables intraoperative fluoroscopy;
  • System is fully autoclavable;
  • The 3 smaller triangles are designed to fit inside the larger triangle for storage;
  • Available as a free of charge trial.


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