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Meniscus Allograft

Meniscus allografts are size matched to the patient’s anatomy, ensuring a precise and accurate fit for meniscal transplant procedures.

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Meniscus Allograft

BioCleanse® processed meniscus allografts have been clinically shown to provide a tissue that has both biomechanical and biocompatible equivalence to aseptically processed meniscal grafts (in vivo and in vitro studies). Through specific graft sizing and patient matching using the Pollard technique, we ensure that meniscus allografts are of the highest quality and most accurate fit.

  • The only truly sterile meniscus allograft;
  • The inclusion of a bone bridge allows for various implantation techniques;
  • Available in both medial or lateral configurations;
  • Graft matching to patient size with magnification markers via X-rays and MRIs;
  • Equivalent to aseptically processed meniscal allograft in biomechanics and biocompatibility (shown in in vivo and in vitro studies*).

*All data shown on file at RTI Biologics.


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