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Mineralised Cortical Particulate

Mineralised cortical particulate is finely ground allograft bone used for sinus augmentation, craniofacial reconstruction and correction of periodontal and ridge defects.

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Mineralised Cortical Particulate

Mineralised cortical allograft particulates are used as void fillers in a variety of dental procedures. The natural open architecture and dense particles of our high-quality human bone allow for bone regeneration to occur through a process known as ‘creeping substitution’; whereby the donor bone particulate is remodelled and simultaneously replaced with new, viable bone.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Processed from cortical bone;
  • Ambient temperature storage for ease of use;
  • Lengthy three year shelf life;
  • Provides an osteoconductive scaffold for bone ingrowth;
  • Available in multiple volumes for added convenience.


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