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Non-bone Tendon Allograft

Our non-bone tendon allograft portfolio provides surgeons with choice in graft type and size to accommodate multiple surgical techniques and fixation methods.

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Non-bone Tendon Allograft

All our non-bone tendon allografts are an excellent alternative to autograft for any ligament reconstruction procedure. The ability to accurately size match also allows the surgeon the flexibility to perform a variety of surgical techniques; depending on the need of the patient. All allografts are pre-trimmed following processing, resulting in a consistent tendon width and a length that can be fully utilised.

  • Options in sterilisation method;
    – Low dose, low temperature gamma irradiation;
    Aseptically processed.
  • Range of allograft types, lengths and diameters;
  • Can be used in single or double bundle reconstruction techniques;
  • Accommodates multiple surgical techniques and fixation methods;
  • All tendon allografts are pre-trimmed.


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