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NUVIS® is the next generation of arthroscopy. A single use, sterile packed arthroscope with an integrated light source, NUVIS® delivers superb 4K image quality with every scope

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NUVIS® single use arthroscope with an integrated light source

Designed and developed by Integrated Endoscopy, NUVIS® represents a significant leap forward in arthroscopy technology. Its unique design combines a 4K image quality, an integrated light source, and sterile packaging all in one, making it easy and convenient to use. Unlike traditional reusable arthroscopes, which require extensive cleaning and sterilisation procedures to prevent infection, NUVIS® eliminates the risk of cross-contamination, the costs of sterilisation and ensures the highest level of patient safety. Not only is NUVIS® a safer option, but it also provides superior image quality during arthroscopic procedures.

NUVIS® is a game-changing innovation in arthroscopy technology that offers a safer, more efficient, and more cost-effective solution for surgeons and patients alike. With the rise of arthroscopic procedures, NUVIS® represents the future of joint surgery and has the potential to revolutionise the field.


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