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OraGRAFT® Endure

OrAGRAFT® Endure is comprised of demineralised cortical bone fibres to encourage bone formation and finely ground cancellous particulate to improve space maintenance.

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OraGRAFT® Endure

OraGRAFT® Endure is a combination of optimally demineralised bone fibres and finely ground cancellous particulate. The demineralised bone fibres encourage bone formation and healing and have the ability to interlock, allowing the graft to become mouldable upon rehydration without the use of an additional carrier. The finely ground cancellous particulate (250-1000 microns) provides the added benefit of space maintenance inside the bone void.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Composed of 100% bone with no additional carrier;
  • Combination of cortical bone fibres and cancellous bone particulate;
  • Fibres are optimally demineralised through the PAD® process;
  • Migration resistant;
  • Ambient temperature storage for ease of use;
  • Rapid rehydration;
  • Lengthy four year shelf life;
  • Multiple volumes to suit a variety of dental procedures.


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