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OraGRAFT® MD 70/30

OrAGRAFT® MD 70/30 combines mineralised and demineralised cortical bone in a single graft to create a favourable bone regeneration environment.

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OraGRAFT® MD 70/30

OraGRAFT® MD 70/30 is a precise combination of 70% mineralised and 30% demineralised ground cortical bone, clinically proven to provide a favourable environment for the regeneration of vital bone; helping to facilitate the future placement of dental implants with as little as 14 weeks of healing. This combination of bone has the benefits of maintaining space in the void with the added osteoinductive healing potential of demineralised bone. This pre-combined graft also helps to save time in theatre and reduces the need to use multiple graft types.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility using ;
  • Processed from 100% cortical bone;
  • Precise combination of mineralised and demineralised bone;
  • Optimally demineralised and improved osteoinductivity through the PAD® process
  • Ambient temperature storage for ease of use;
  • Fine grind size for small bone voids;
  • Lengthy three year shelf life;
  • Available in multiple volumes for added convenience.


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