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OraGRAFT® Prime

OraGRAFT® Prime is comprised of 100% bone fibres, demineralised to encourage bone formation and healing.

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OraGRAFT® Prime

OraGRAFT® Prime is composed of cortical bone fibres that have been optimally demineralised to expose natural growth factors and improve bone healing. The fibres interlock, resisting migration and allowing the graft to become mouldable upon rehydration without the need for an additional carrier. The large surface area and interconnected network of OraGRAFT® Prime fibres provide an environment that promotes cellular attachment, cell spreading and increases bone healing potential.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Composed of 100% bone with no additional carrier;
  • Optimally demineralised through the PAD® process;
  • Migration resistant;
  • Ambient temperature storage for ease of use;
  • Rapid rehydration;
  • Lengthy four or five year shelf life;
  • Multiple volumes to suit a variety of dental procedures.


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