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PliaFX ® Prime

PliaFX ® Prime is 100% allograft bone fibres. The mouldable fibre technology eliminates the need for a carrier and Prime is optimally demineralised to encourage bone formation and healing. Contains BMP-2 and BMP-7


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PliaFX ® Prime

PliaFX® Prime contains interconnected, optimally demineralised bone fibres which provide the osteoconductive and osteoinductive properties necessary to support cellular
proliferation and bone formation. The long, rough cortical fibre surface encourages cellular attachment, migration and infiltration.  Under heavy irrigation, PliaFX® Prime will maintain its shape and consistency and resist migration from the implantation site. It has an optimal residual calcium level of 1-4%; proven to improve the grafts osteoinductive potential.

  • Optimally demineralised through the PAD® process;
  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Highly migration resistant;
  • Convenient ambient temperature storage;
  • Precision-machined fibres interlock to become a mouldable, easy to handle graft.
  • Facilitates coagulation and stops bleeding
  • Contains BMP-2 and BMP-7
  • Available in 0.5cc, 1cc, 2.5cc, 5cc and 10cc pack sizes
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