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ReadiGRAFT® BLX is an optimally demineralised bone matrix that is used to fill bone voids and defects caused by trauma or surgery.

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ReadiGRAFT® BLX is a high quality DBM with excellent handling qualities. Under heavy irrigation, ReadiGRAFT® BLX will maintain its shape and consistency and resist migration from the implantation site. It has an optimal residual calcium level of 1-4%; proven to improve the grafts osteoinductive potential.

  • Optimally demineralised through the PAD® process;
  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Highly migration resistant;
  • Convenient ambient temperature storage;
  • No preparation required;
  • Available with the inclusion of cancellous chips for added osteoconductive potential;
  • Range of sizes, shapes and consistencies to suit a variety of procedures.


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