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Allograft Spinal Spacers

Allograft spinal spacers are a biological alternative to cages and are proven in more applications than any other allograft spinal implants.

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Cortical Spacers

Cortical spacers are created with either single or multiple cortical end plates for added mechanical strength; with an optional cancellous core to facilitate early bone growth. Each spacer is individually designed to configure to the patient’s anatomy.

  • SAL 10-6 sterility;
  • Designed for spinal fusion, laminoplasty and corpectomy procedures;
  • Cortical end plates provide mechanical strength;
  • Cancellous centres aid in early bone growth;
  • Textured surfaces resist migration;
  • Multiple sizes and footprints;
  • Available frozen, freeze-dried or utilising Preservon® technology.


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