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Tutomesh® - Bovine Pericardium

Tutomesh - Bovine Pericardium

Tutomesh® and Tutomesh® Fenestrated are non-crosslinked acellular collagen matrices offering a safe and natural biological option for soft tissue reinforcement. Tutomesh® has a dense multi-directional collagen fibre structure leading to superior strength whilst maintaining an ability to conform to anatomical shapes.

Tutomesh® is now also available in a 0.5mm thickness. The nature of the thin tissue combined with the collagen structure allows for rapid remodelling into the vascularised host tissue in less than three months.

Key features

  • Tutoplast® Tissue Sterilisation Process renders the graft sterile
  • Validated viral inactivation
  • Dense, multi-directional collagen fibres
  • Low recurrence rate and minimal complications
  • Five-year, room-temperature shelf life
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