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Winback Tecartherapy


The Innovation Clinic hosts the only Winback machine in Wales.

During a Winback treatment session, your expert physiotherapist will use Winback alongside gentle manual techniques to ensure you enjoy a restful and comfortable treatment. Winback stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanisms and you will feel a deep, gentle and relaxing heat. Used to treat conditions such as joint, muscle, neck and back pain as well as rheumatism and osteoarthritis, Winback allows the physiotherapist to precisely target different tissue layers, working on deep and painful conditions which may be otherwise unresponsive. From the first therapy session, you can expect to see a reduction in pain levels, improved blood circulation and an increase in range of movement.

Winback also has beauty and wellness applications. Whether you are looking for firmer skin, to reduce the appearance of scars or stretch marks, to relax sore muscles or to keep pain to a minimum after a workout, Winback therapy can cater for all your needs. Thanks to its stimulating and draining action, tecartherapy provides real beauty benefits; detoxifying the body to restore the natural balances.

Winback's Tecartherapy promotes acute rapid therapy and gives immediate and long lasting pain relief for a wide range of chronic and acute conditions. Winback is used to support major sports teams around the world including football, basketball, cycling, rugby, handball and judo athletes. This is your opportunity to experience the same treatment as the professionals.

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